My name is Krzysztof ( Kris) Muciek I am  originally from Poland. In 2006 I came to Ireland and since 2009
I have been living in Killarney Co. Kerry.
My adventure with Photography started long time ago when there were only 36 exhibitions  available on the film so you had to think about all the aspects of photography . 
I believe it’s incredibly important for photographers to document everyday life, even sometimes the seemingly mundane, not just for a better understanding of our times, but for individuals in the future to be able to reflect on who they are and how they got there.
A photograph is particularly powerful because it is accessible to most of humanity.
There is no language barrier in photography.
I pick stories and pursue the projects I do with the goal of documenting not only important issues of our time, but ones that will also be relevant or perhaps even more vital for our understanding of humanity in the future.

Kris M photographer